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Tradicional Sikus

By Antonio Maldonado


Antonio Maldonado

Like Amad Maigua, he is enrolled in Kanatan ASCII and performs in Canada. Currently, he is performing in various places as a member of "SISAY". Formerly a member of the famous "Nyanda Manyachi" in Ecuador, he still participates as a guest when he returns to Japan. A veteran musician with a reputation for artistry and technicality, specializing in traditional Ecuadorian music.


Sikus ( zampoña , panpipes)

Sikus is one of the most delicate and fantastic wind instruments in the world. Teaching from instructor Antonio Maldonado through Native webinar will be an interesting and valuable opportunity.

Learn more about this instrument in a traditional way. From this great Ecuadorian wind instrument player who has gained so much of experience in his worldwide activities you will be able to learn about instrument tuning, blowing, maintenance and traditional techniques.

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