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"Native Spirits" was established as a company in 2001 and started its activities as a music office in the city of Kita Kyushu in 2002, focusing on the activities of the group "Sisay" who spread Ecuadorian and Andean folk music in Japan and Asia.


With the experience acquired through the years, in numerous events and concerts in Japan; Native Spirits expands its work not to only producing a band, but also to the spreading and promoting of Ecuadorian and Andean music, arts, performance and all other facets of the immense cultural range of the American Continent.


This is how Native Spirits created the "Ecuador Andes Festa" festival, in which music, dance, indigenous instrument workshops, photography, video, etc; are integrated into the festival so that the Japanese viewer can witness a large part of our cultural diversity. Currently this festival enjoys a great acceptance and takes place in major cities in Japan such as Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Tokyo, with prospects of expanding the festival to the north of the country.


The firm conviction of "Native Spirits" to represent Ecuador in the highest and most responsible way has been echoed so that the Ecuadorian embassy in Japan and its diplomatic consular staff from its inception to the present support and recommend its activities. As an award for this conviction, "Native Spirits" and "Sisay" were awarded the "National Pavilion" in 2006.


At present "Native Spirits" continues its activities participating in more than 100 events a year dedicated to the presentation of Native people of North and South America with a special emphasis on Ecuador; thus confirming with these activities its mission and the great satisfaction of being able to say that, Native Spirits are the pioneers of the diffusion of a great part of the Ecuadorian, Andean, Native American cultural richness in Japan and part of Asia.

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