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"Ñucanchi Ñan" is known as one of the most representative groups of Andean folk music in Ecuador.

They started their professional activities when participating for the first time in the famous Ecuadorian folk music festival "Ñucanchi Tono" held in 1985.


Their passion for music and their professionalism as a music group were quickly recognized and were invited to numerous music and cultural events and festivals in Ecuador.


In 1987, they began their international activities, invited to several events in Colombia for the first time, and after that in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico and Canada.


They co-starred with the famous artists in Latin America, and the world of folklore, such as, "Calcachis", "Intilimani" and "Isabel Parra". With their success in Latin America, they have expanded their activities reaching European countries such us Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Finland.


After gaining experience in Latin America and Europe, they released five CDs in the early 90's with great success in Ecuador and Europe.


In Asia, they toured Korea for the first time in 2006 and received high musical acclaim.

Their performances also received high praise in Japan in 2009.


Their performances include South American wind instruments such as the Quena, Siku, Pan Flute, stringed guitars, basses, bandolins and percussion instruments, also delivering passionate Native and Latin singing voice.


Their passion for music and culture has helped the group to grow attention of young artists in Ecuador.

Now Ñucanchi Ñan are based in Spain and they are paving the way to youngsters to keep the traditional of Ecuador.

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