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Peguche Tiu is dedicated to "Peguche" a native village located in Otavalo, northern part of Ecuador, South America, which is known to have produced many traditional folk musicians since ancient times.


For the Otavalo Quechuans, (the indigenous peoples of the region), music has been passed down from generation to generation as a culture heritage  that is closely and indispensable to everyday life.


Music is indispensable in the emotional scenes of life such as marriage, childbirth, and bereavement, and in ethnic rituals such as Pawkar Raymi (flower festival) and Inti Raymi (sun festival). It is the Peguche people who can easily play the flute, drums, stringed instruments, etc. at the gathering scene.


In Kichwa their indigenous language they call "Tiu" to a person of great respect or to men who have lots of wisdom about life.


Peguche Tiu is the is formed by Ecuadorian indigenous musicians from Peguche presenting the cultural pride of their people and the message of harmony and balance inherited from their ancestors to thru the music.

musica nativa
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