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Walka is a group formed in 2002 by indigenous Kichwa musicians who self-taught traditional music unique to the Andes and have undergone numerous musical activities in Europe and North America.


They are also creating new genres of music that incorporate elements of Native American and Anglo-Saxon folklore music.


In 2003, recorded a new wave-like compact disc work named "Salto al Sol" rich in natural and fresh melodies. Soon after, in 2005, they released second album, "Tushui," with some instrumental compositions with rhythms and melodies enriched also by Native North American aerophones. This production was based on their experience of interacting with various Native Americans in the United States.


In 2010's with their latest album, Un Solo Pensamiento, they pursued their will and originality, focusing on their identity and the group's social ideology, environmentality and musicality.


Currently, Walka is are performing in  South, Central and North America as the representatives of Colombian folklore.

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