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Andean Charango

By Luis Maigua


Luis Maigua 


Charango (Andean strings)

Leader of "SISAY". Started music in his 20s and was active in North America from 1988 to 1991. Performed in Europe in 1992. In 1993, he visited Japan for the first time to introduce Ecuadorian culture at the recommendation of the Ecuadorian Embassy in Japan. After that, he started music activities in Japan and expanded his activities to other parts of Asia (Singapore, South Korea, China, etc.). His charango, which makes you feel the strength of the earth, is one of the best in Ecuador.

The charango is the most representative folk instrument of the Andean stringed instruments. This stringed instrument of Andean origin, it is now being introduced to the world because of its attractive, transparent and affectionate tone. From Luis Maigua, who has many years of experience and achievements as a music producer and charango player, you will be able to knowledge about the charm and the rich history of the charango' as well as its unique tone production, tuning method, maintenance and techniques. A great oportunity not to be missed.

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