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Ecuador is such a diverse country, it offers you way more than just a regular holiday experience. The national slogan “All you need is Ecuador” is absolutely true! No matter what kind of holiday you prefer – Ecuador provides everything!


The diversity of this amazing, unique country is mostly based on the four different climate zones you can find in Ecuador: Amazonas, Andes, Coast and the Galapagos Islands. Since they are all very close to each other, you could easily visit all four “worlds” of Ecuador within one week of holiday. Despite this possibility, you might nevertheless spend way more time in each region due to all those great things to see and to do there.

Native Spirits has been offering this Ecuadorian touring project since 2004 so people in Japan and Asia can experience the magic of this country, and with the help of trustable touring projects we have extended the tour to Peru and also unique experience of being in Macchu Picchu for instance.

Please feel free to get any information about this tour, at the contact form of Native Spirits.

You must visit Ecuador.

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